The simplest
way to
building materials

We digitize the building material supply chain.
We offer cloud and tailor-made services for construction companies, resellers, drivers and consortia.
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Unified platform

Place orders from trusted suppliers or discover new ones

With Toolery you order both from regular suppliers maintaining favorable purchasing conditions consolidated over time, and from new supplier scloser to your construction site, saving on transport and CO₂ emissions.
Toolery is also an accessible option for private consumers who want to access professional retailers for companies normally out of their reach.
Find or invite your suppliers in one software.
Search products by distance and multi-supplier.
Secure payments with SEPA.
Digital delivery note.
Manage your team.
Updated digital catalogues

Simplified and efficient catalogue management

Conceived for retailers, who can finally manage their online catalogue, reworked and digitised.
Catalogue digitization support.
Dedicated price list per customer.
Dedicated discounts for the most active customers.
Integrated delivery module

A new space dedicated to transporters

We have developed a simple tool for transporters, retailers and manufacturers to track the day's deliveries.
Orders and deliveries can be linked.
Choose internal and external drivers.

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