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Click & collect

Digitize your catalog and increase online sales

With Toolery you will have the digital catalogue, with which your customers can order online and choose their own delivery, pick-up and payment methods.
Furthermore, you eliminate unnecessary expenses from your budget by delegating us the platform maintenance.
Video catalogue reworked by the Toolery team.
Professional, fast and continuously updated platform.
Prices for customers in the Toolery network will not be associated with the warehouse.
Assistance and training for collaborators.
No hosting and infrastructure costs.
No costs to implement and maintain a new website.
No developers or agencies to hire.
B2B functionality

Reseller platform features

Manage a digitized and comprehensive catalog

Personalized catalogue digitization with advanced combining filters.

Business rules

General rules such as minimum amount, transportation cost and minimum quantity on products.
Your customers will be able to choose between: delivery to the construction site or collection in the warehouse.

Price lists

Set customer-specific prices and assign them right to the company profile.


Create different types of discounts by catalog, by category or individual products, then assign them to one or more customers.

Accept or decline orders in real time

Live dashboard to manage orders, filter and check status of each order right away.
Gli ordini rifiutati non hanno penale.

Checkout to draft

Simplify workflows and quote proposals with the ability to review and approve orders.

Flexibility getting paid

Streamline the order process with drafts, payment reminders, loadsheet, invoices, and due-on-fulfillment terms.

Receive payments via SEPA

The system generates payments with a future payment date, and through an authorized mandate through the payment manager, requests to withdraw the amount from the customer's bank account.

Delivery at your hand

Create and assign a delivery to internal drivers or external company directly from an order.
Manage individual delivery or create an itinerary for your drivers.

Onboarding procedure



The incremental pricing model for suppliers offers flexibility as order volume increases or additional services or accounts are requested.

Orders managed by Toolery - billing to Toolery

Toolery applies fees on new customer orders based on the price list agreed during the registration process.
This subscription-free billing model remains active and is always applied to new customer orders.
Variable, 3% to 9%
+ Stripe fee

Orders managed by you - invoicing the customer

Toolery does not applies fees on the purchases of your historical customers registered via invitation code. The subscription service varies according to the number of collaborators and services requested.
It allows autonomous management for a medium-to-high order volume including orders from customers from the Toolery network.
€80/month per warehouse
1 admin account included
2 months free trial
No order limits
+ €15/month for each additional account
+ Stripe fee
Prices excluding VAT
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