Your suppliers in a single platform

No more delays or unexpected events. Your company will have access to the timetable integrated with shipments and tracking of each individual order.
Your collaborators on the construction site will be able to save time in the supply of materials, while the purchases department approves or rejects large order requests.

A unique catalogue

New multi-vendor search and combinable filters

Search by distance shows products from nearby suppliers and their purchasing rules.
When browsing a supplier's catalogue, filters by brand and category can be combined to narrow down the results.
Search products by distance and multi-supplier.
Compare different brands for the same product.
Your supplier catalogues, online.
Personalized payment terms and discounts.
B2B functionality

Customer platform features

Find or invite your suppliers in one software

You have established advantageous terms with your company's suppliers thanks to your purchasing volume. With Toolery you preserve this long-term relationship and find it digitally in the platform.

Multi-supplier catalogue

Distance multi-vendor filter with custom coordinates and unique combining filters.

Create and manage your teams

Invite collaborators and assign roles to give freedom when they purchase keeping all under control.

Orders with real-time status

Live dashboard to observe orders of your team, filter and check status of each order right away.

Secure payments with SEPA

Simplify payments with SEPA mandate and "forget" payment dates. The SEPA scheduler notifies you and executes automatic direct debits to your previously authorized bank account.

Digital delivery note

Receive the goods directly on site with a digital delivery note, or collect the goods in person.

Checkout to draft

Ask quotes to your supplier, then proceed with checkout.

Repeat order

Reuse a previously created order and submit it again.

Live support

High performance support will help you find your product.


The monthly customer plan offers flexibility as the number of active users changes, so you pay for the accounts you use.
FREEFor individuals and businesses
per account
1 admin account
Multi-vendor search
STANDARDFor all businesses
per account
At least 1 active account (Terms and Conditions accepted)
Your suppliers in one software
Prices excluding VAT
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