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    Toolery Illustrazione

    Toolery is the platform that digitizes the entire supply process in the construction sector.

    How does it work?

    Toolery Come funziona Scegli la rivendita
    Toolery Come funziona Scegli la rivendita
    Toolery Come funziona Riempi il carrello
    Toolery Come funziona Ricevi in cantiere
    Toolery Come funziona Ricevi in cantiere

    The Platform

    • Choose the resale

      Scroll on the map or search for your trusted retailer. You can view the products by requesting a personalized price list.

    • Fill the cart

      Type the products in the search bar or search for them by category. Don't worry if you don't find a specific product, you can still apply even if the product is not in the catalog.

    • Receive on site

      Enter the destination of the order and the platform will automatically generate the transport document necessary for delivery. In your personal area you will find the summary of orders divided by the different sites.

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