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How does Toolery works?

Toolery Come funziona Riempi il carrello
Toolery Come funziona Riempi il carrello
Toolery Nuove imprese e clienti privati
Toolery Piattaforma in cloud integrata
Toolery Piattaforma in cloud integrata
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Toolery Network capillare
Toolery Network capillare

Features for building resales

  • Dashboard Customers

    Assign each customer a personalised price list with dedicated discounts. Monitors the progress of SEPA transfer payments.

  • "Traffic light" dashboard

    You will have a dashboard with filters and incoming orders, updated in real time.

  • Transport document

    Once the customer's order has been accepted, the platform will automatically generate the packing slip which you can download and print on your letterhead. The warehouseman can view the order to be prepared directly from his smartphone or tablet.

  • Company roles

    Assign different roles with different tasks for your employees, you can monitor the status of operations in real time. Finally, the office will communicate with the warehouse quickly and accurately.

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