“Everyone knows that something is impossible to achieve, until a fool arrives
who doesn't know it and invents it.”
Albert Einstein

The idea

We did not know that it was impossible to innovate the Italian construction sector starting from Rome and that is why today we can tell you how Toolery was born and where we want to go.

For us innovating means providing a digital service to create a positive impact for the environment, people and the economy. We started with the worker and his waste of time due to of slow and inefficient processes. Efficient process leads to a lower impact on the environment by generating resources from waste and very often a reduction in costs.

Toolery is today a digital compass alongside companies, capable of improving processes with the use of artificial intelligence. We want to be the European reference for green change in the construction sector that puts data management at the service of people.

Do you know why we are so passionate about data? Because everything that can be measured can be managed and everything that can be managed can be changed!

March 2018 - April 2019
Market Research
April 2019
Team made up
May - October 2019
Study of processes at partner companies
June 2020
Lancio versione beta
July 2020
September 2020
100k raised
October 2020
Company launch

Who we are

Toolery Chi siamo Alessandro Biagetti

Alessandro Biagetti


Construction Engineer expert in reporting of environmental sustainability.

Toolery Chi siamo Flavio Lenoci

Flavio Lenoci


Building Engineer-Architect and founder of Wider View Srl, a digital marketing agency active for 7 years.

Toolery Chi siamo Marco Falasca

Marco Falasca


Consulente in ambito sostenibilità con esperienza nel settore delle costruzioni.

Toolery Chi siamo Davide Steduto

Davide Steduto


IT engineer, technical team leader for mobile application development and mobile framework for the European Commission.

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