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Toolery is the platform that digitalises the entire building supply process

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Toolery is the platform that digitizes the entire supply process in the construction sector.

How does it work?

Toolery Piattaforma in cloud integrata
Toolery Piattaforma in cloud integrata
Toolery Come funziona Riempi il carrello
Toolery Come funziona Ricevi in cantiere
Toolery Come funziona Ricevi in cantiere
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Why choose Toolery

Toolery Completamente gratuito
Free management
Toolery Perche sceglierci Migliori prezzi sul mercato
Best prices on the market
Toolery Perche sceglierci Siamo specializzati nelle consegne veloci
We are specialised in fast delivery
Toolery Perche sceglierci Compensiamo le emissione di CO2 delle tue consegne
We offset the CO2 emissions of your deliveries

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The platform

  • Fill your cart

    Enter products in the search bar or search them by category or product line.

  • Receive on site

    Enter the destination of the order and the platform will automatically generate the transport document required for delivery. In your personal area you will find a summary of your orders divided into the different construction sites.

  • Dashboard tracking

    Stay up to date on the status of your order. The purchasing manager of the resale will always be available for last-minute changes.

  • Team

    Receive purchase requests from your employees and send the request directly to the reseller to collect the material where you want it without wasting time.

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Transport service details

DELIVERY ZONES AND DELIVERY TIMES We deliver to Rome and its province within 48 hours of receiving the order. We specialise in fast delivery, on average we deliver within 24 hours. Choose the date and time you want to receive the material, we will take care of the rest.

PAYMENT: Once you have placed your order, you can pay on the platform with your personal or company card.

VEHICLES USED: the vehicle used for delivery will be chosen according to the material requested, the price is fixed and will not change.

EMISSION OFFSET: in the final balance, based on the monthly reporting of the requested deliveries, we can offset the emissions generated by transport by supporting international projects.

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